What exactly is a Shrine Club at Rajah?

The geographical Shrine Clubs (Schuylkill, Bethlehem, et al) were designed initially to act as an informational meeting with dinner to keep the Nobles informed of what was going on at the Headquarters in Reading. Back in the early days, communications was difficult between the office and the outlying areas, so a way to keep everyone informed was to send a representative to a particular area a couple of times a year to meet the Nobles and keep them up to date on events and happenings of Rajah Temple. This grew into dinner/meetings in the particular geographical areas within the jurisdiction of Rajah Shrine. The areas seemed to be clustered in counties and the Shrine Clubs were born. Some took years to take off and officially organize, but as time went along a shrine club was formed in all areas of Rajah's jurisdiction. The exception was the Rajah Shrine Club, it started out as a Luncheon club in the 1950's and continued that way until the late 70's when the meetings were all changed to the first Friday night of the month.