Oriental Band

Oriental Band Chartered 1952

The Rajah Oriental Band is a colorful and lively unit of Rajah Shrine, attired in authentic costumes and playing instruments of the Middle East. They take part in parades, ceremonials and conventions. The Oriental Band is based in and meets in the Lehigh Valley. Truly you must see and hear this group to get the true experience. If you are interesed in joining or attending a meeting please contact us.

The Rajah Oriental BandThe Rajah Oriental Band

The Oriental Band meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM.

Rajah Oriental Band Officers for 2024

Dale E. Reinert  - President

Wayne M. Grumbein - Secretary

Theodore E. Werkheiser, Jr. - Financial Secretary

Theodore E. Werkheiser, Jr. - Treasurer

John K. Grumbein - Director

Garrett M. Newhartz - Liaison Officer

Wayne M. Grumbein - Liaison Aide