Endowment Fund


The Rajah Shrine Fraternal Endowment Fund was established on December 7, 1982, by the late
Ill. Sir Arthur L. Bustard, Past Potentate. The purpose was to create a perpetual fund to be used for the sole purpose of assisting in the preservation, improvement, operation and maintenance of the facilities used by Rajah as its headquarters and for the use of its members.

Starting with an initial investment of five thousand dollars, the fund grew with donations from Nobles, Clubs, and Units of the Rajah Shrine. After thirty-four years of donations and prudent investments, the fund now has a value of more than $1,160,000.00.

During the past eighteen years, the Fraternal Endowment Fund contributed $238,351.54 for repairs and improvements to the building and grounds of the Rajah Shrine.

Contributions to the Fraternal Endowment Fund are encouraged and most welcome. The future of maintaining our facilities for the next generation of Shriners depends upon the financial help we receive from our present members.

Please send your contributions to the Rajah Shrine Office at P. O. Box 40, Blandon, Pa 19510-0040.

We encourage our Nobles to consider the Rajah Fraternal Endowment Fund in their estate planning.


Donations Received during 2023:


 Donation given at the December 9, 2023 Ceremonial

Rajah Shrine Chanters

North Penn Shrine Club



Donations Received during 2022:


 Donation given at the December 7, 2022 Stated Meeting & Elections

Rajah Shrine Chanters

North Penn Shrine Club



Donations Received during 2021:


 Donation given at the December 11, 2021 Ceremonial

Rajah Shrine Chanters       


In Memory of Richard E. Brandt

Guy & Linda Bieber

JULY 2021

In Memory of Richard E. Brandt

Joanne L. Longenecker     William R. Clements     Brian W. Clements

JUNE 2021

In Memory of Richard E. Brandt

Donald & Joyce Moyer     Jay & Nancy Miller     Leonard & Lynda Gobright
Pamela M. Foust     Patricia H. Zettlemoyer     Thomas & Brenda Conlon
Gloria J. Snyder     James & Vicki Garrett



Donations Received during 2020:


North Penn Shrine Club


Rajah Shrine Chanters
Donation Given at November 15, 2020 Potentate's Testimonial