Mounted Patrol

Mounted Patrol Chartered 1978

The Mounted Patrol is a very active mounted horse patrol and equestrian unit. Attracting attention where ever they appear, they truly are a beautiful sight and are a crowd pleaser for the young and old. Serving as The Color Guard at many Parades. If you own a horse or are just a horse lover, you are invited to join and become a part of this active unit. If you are interested in joining or attending a meeting please contact us.

The Mounted Patrol

The Mounted Patrol meets the third Wednesday of the month.

Mounted Patrol Officers for 2024

Raymond D. Haslam, Jr. (Dee) - Captain

William R. Clements - 1st Lieutenant

Lester Klock (Kathy) - 2nd Lieutenant

Raymond D. Haslam, Jr. (Dee) - Drill Sergeant

Tarzan Hall (Rachel) - Quartermaster Sergeant

Tarzan Hall (Rachel) - Secretary

Thomas V. Conlon, Sr., P.P. (Brenda) - Treasurer

Jon R. Schneider (Kathy) - Liaison Officer

Tarzan Hall (Rachel) - Liaison Aide