The Clowns

Clowns Chartered 1970

Clowns 6 Medium

The Clowns function is to entertain and make people laugh...that's the goal of those joining the Clown unit. Each year the Clowns entertain at many events including The Rajah Shriner's Circus. Even if you don't know anything about makeup or costumes, that's all right, they'll help you every step of the way. This group proves that there is a little bit of a "KID" in all of us! If you are interesed in joining or attending a meeting please contact us.

The Clowns meet the fourth Monday of the month.

Clowns Officers for 2024

Michael F. Katz - President

Carl E. Boltz - First Vice President

David R. DeTurk - Secretary

David R. DeTurk - Treasurer

Samuel L. Beam - Director

Ronald L. Szapacs - Liasion Officer

David R. DeTurk - Liasion Aide