String Band

String Band Chartered 1957

We are the String Band. We play more then String Band Music, though. What we do is have a good time playing and socializing together, for the sake of the "kids". If you play, or have in the distant past played a stringed, reed or brass instrument, let's talk! Ever think you wanted to play the banjo - give us a call. Take a ride with us on our big, colorful float and hear the applause and cheers from the people. It's a great feeling!

Rajah Temple String BandThe Rajah Shrine String Band

The String Band meets the second Wednesday of the month.

String Band 2024 Officers

Larry E. Christman - President

Michael B. Shannon - 1st Vice President

Thomas L. Shugar - Secretary

Joseph I. Aulenbach - Treasurer

Bruce D. Dengler - Unit Director

Ronald L. Szapacs - Liaison Officer

Thomas L. Shugar - Liaison Aide

CD's are also available at $10.00 each plus $5.00 shipping.  Please send prepaid requests to:  

Thomas Shugar, String Band Secretary. c/o Rajah Shrine Complex P.O. Box 40 Blandon, PA  19510