If a Noble loses his membership in the Rajah Shrine due to loss of membership in his Blue Lodge or was suspended for Non-Payment of his Rajah Shrine dues, he must fill out a Restoration Form in order to restore his membership to good standing in the Rajah Shrine.


       You can print out a Restoration Form here.


       Completely fill out the Restoration Form and send back to the Rajah Shrine Office along with the following:

  • Copy of your current Blue Lodge card.
  • Check made out to "Rajah Shrine"  or  Credit Card info on bottom of Restoration Form.  Please call or e-mail the Rajah Shrine Office for current Restoration Fee.
    610-916-9000 -


                                       P O BOX 40
                                       BLANDON PA   19510-0040


       After the Rajah Shrine Office receives your completed Restoration form, copy of your current Blue Lodge card and Restoration Fee, you will be put back on the Rolls of the Rajah Shrine!



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