Concert Band

Concert Band Chartered 1896

Concert Band Chartered 1896

The Concert Band is the second oldest unit in Rajah Shrine organized in 1896. A musical unit of outstanding performers that participate in both parades and concerts and is greeted with enthusiasts where ever they play. Yearly they hold their "Pop's Concerts" to a full house. If you are interested in joining or attending a meeting please contact us.

The Concert Band meets the second Sunday of the month.

Concert Band 2021 Officers

 Bryan D. Snyder - President

 Dr. Thomas L. Shugar- 1st Vice Pres.

 Bruce Dengler - 2nd Vice Pres.

 Wayne R. Grace - Secretary

 Dr. Thomas L. Shugar - Treasurer

 Bryan D. Snyder - Unit Director

 Bruce D. Rohrbach - Bandmaster

 Open - Assistant Bandmaster

 David Pfeffer - Trustee 1 Yr.

 Eric Shindler - Trustee 2 Yr.

 Michael B. Shannon - Trustee 3 Yr.

Liaison Officers for 2021

 Gregory T. Miller - Liaison Officer

 Wayne R. Grace - Liaison Aide

RTCB Nobelaires on stage

The 43nd Annual Pop’s Concert, Sunday, May 2, 2021, 4:00 PM

Rajah Shrine Complex Ballroom, 221 Orchard Road, Reading, Pa. 19605

In this special premier event, members of the audience will be seated at tables at stage level with Bandmaster, Bruce Rohrbach, and the Concert Band to enjoy an intimate cabaret musical performance.  Light snacks, camel's milk and soda will be available to our guests.  Adult beverages will be available for purchase.  Following the hour long concert, a light meal will be served by our caterer.  During the meal and intermission, the dance floor shall be set up for the next relaxing entertainment with the Nobleaires Dance Band, under the direction of Noble Wayne Grace, featuring big band music.

Advance reserve tickets are $25.00.  For more information, call Bryan Snyder at 610-589-2022, leave message and return contact number or e-mail:
Please purchase tickets by Friday, April 23, 2021.
(proceeds to benefit Rajah Concert Band)


Rajah Shrine Concert Band Annual "Daily" Number Calendar " Sale
      For donation of only $20.00 each
   January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021
      (based on the 3 digit daily numbers of PA Lottery Number at 7:00 PM only)
    367 chances to win $20.00 to $300.00
     Contact Bryan D. Snyder, 610-589-2022 or e-mail: