Rajah - Dollar A Day campaign

Everyone is asking when the Units Building will be completed.  The bands need a place to practice.  The clubs need a place to meet.  The Units need a place to display their awards.   
You've heard all of these comments.  Well now is your chance to change all of that.
If every one of our Nobles at Rajah Shrine would donate $1.00 a day for one year, we could build the new units building and not have to finance any part of it. If every noble would donate $1.00 a day for two years, we could not only build the new building, but also retire our mortgage and be debt free.
This fundraiser takes every Noble saving and donating the $1.00 a day for two years.
Below, you will find the listing of contributors to the "Dollar A Day" campaign.  You can send your contribution in now, or wait until the December Ceremonial and present it to the Potentate yourself.

Total donations received since this program began in 2004 as of
December 31, 2018:



Nobles who have donated for 2020: