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Divan & Official Family
for 201

Elected Divan


Glenn T. Sattizahn, Jr.
Lady Janet

Chief Rabban

Assistant Rabban

High Priest & Prophet

Lawrence S. Bortz, III David W. Evans
Lady Sarah

Jared R. Kichline
Lady Kim


Oriental Guide



  Ronald F. Rapp, P.P.
Lady Joan
Joseph J. Hagan, Sr.
Lady Joyce
Left to Right: Ill. Sir Ronald F. Rapp PP, Jared R. Kichline, Lawrence S. Bortz, III,
Ill. Sir Thomas V. Conlon, Sr., Glenn T. Sattizahn, Jr., David W. Evans, Joseph J. Hagen, Sr.

Appointed Divan

1st Ceremonial Master

2nd Ceremonial Master


Michael J. Zerbe
Lady Susie
Marvin J. Miller
Lady Marie
Walter G. Newruck
Lady Gail
Captain of the Guard Ronald C. Weitzel Lady Dianne
Outer Guard Marvin Hill  

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Official Family


Elected Emeritus Officers

Trustee Emeritus Arlan G. Heckman Lady Laura
Trustee Emeritus William R. Clements Lady Barbara
Solicitor Emeritus Martin J. Karess, Esq. Lady Lorraine
Editor Emeritus Rev. William E. Harner, Jr. Lady Thelma
Donor Relations
Chairman Emeritus
L. Donald Loos, Jr. Lady Barbara
Photographer Emeritus J. Richard Hill  
Goodwill Ambassador Emeritus Ray J. Heiser Lady Kay
Captain of the Guard Emeritus Ronald C. Weitzel Lady Dianne
Chaplain Emeritus Rev. William E. Harner, Jr. Lady Thelma
Parade Marshal Emeritus Joseph R. Zodel Lady Shirley

Appointed Trustees

Trustee Terry L. Hulsizer Lady Ruth Ann
Trustee Dennis R. Snoke Lady Lou Ann
Trustee William A. Remo, Jr., P.P. Lady Gail
Trustee Lester D. Klock Lady Kathy

Potentates Appointments

Solicitor John A. Hoffert, Jr., Esq. Lady Deone
Chaplain Rev. David C. Newhart  
Goodwill Ambassador Harold H. Kohl Lady Ann
Goodwill Ambassador William A. Quinn Lady Barbara
Goodwill Ambassador George W. Young Lady Carol
Hospital Ambassador Paul W. Shaw Lady Donna
Membership Chairman David W. Evans Lady Sarah
Public Relations Chairman Gregory J. Lewis, P.P. Lady Joan
Donor Relations Chairman Jon A. Swartz  
Rajah News Editor Jere C. Lesher, P.P. Lady Susie
Circus Chairman Ronald R. Klee, Jr. P.P. Lady Kathy
Chief Photographer Robert Van Why, Jr. Lady Sharon
Photographer Sam Ellis Lady Kay
Photographer Barry L. Weisser  
Parade Marshal Michael J. Quinn Lady Anne
Asst. Parade Marshal D. David Turner Lady Joan
Pilgrimage Ronald F. Rapp P.P. Lady Joan
Steward Russell O. Miller Lady Marilyn
Webmaster Michael J. Huck Lady Patricia

Potentates Ceremonial Appointments

Dramatic Director LeRoy D. Cressy, PP Lady Billie
Dramatic Director Marvin Hill  
Ceremonial Director Glenn T. Sattizahn, Jr. Lady Janet

Potentates Personal Aides

Potentate’s Chief Aide Burnell E. Kreider Lady Loretta
Potentate’s Personal Aide William R. Clements Lady Barbara
Potentate’s Personal Aide Sam Ellis Lady Kay
Potentate’s Personal Aide William E. Eveland Lady Jacqueline
Potentate’s Personal Aide James Garrett Lady Vicki
Potentate’s Personal Aide Tarzan Hall Lady Rachel
Potentate’s Personal Aide Bruce Johnson Lady Sally
Potentate’s Personal Aide Ryan E. Kehm Lady Ruth
Potentate’s Personal Aide William E. Kramer  
Potentate’s Personal Aide Jay M. Laser Lady Beverly
Potentate’s Personal Aide James A. Prettyman Lady Beth
Potentate’s Personal Aide Michael J. Quinn Lady Anne
Potentate’s Personal Aide Dennis R. Snoke Lady Lou Ann
Potentate’s Personal Aide Ronald M. Stoudt Lady Carol
Potentate’s Personal Aide William A. Trusty Lady Janet

Philadelphia Shriners Hospital

Board Member George Skaff D.D.S. Lady Jamila
Board Member Jon A. Swartz, Esq.  
Hospital Chairman of the Board Emeritus Franklin D. Caltagirone, PP Lady Marilyn

M.A.S.A. Association Officers

Second Vice President MASA Ronald R. Klee, Jr., PP Lady Kathy
First Vice-President MASA Chanters Bryan M. Hartman  
Commander MASA Legion of Honor Richard K. Fox Lady Kelly
First Lt. MASA Legion of Honor Barry L. Weisser  
Fourth Vice President of MASA Oriental Band Wayne M. Grumbein  
Secretary/Treasurer of MASA Oriental Band John K. Grumbein  
First Vice President of MASA Band Bruce Rohrbach  
Lt. Colonel, MASA Provost Guard Association Michael J. Quinn Lady Anne

International Association Officer

Secretary-Treasurer ASOB Mahlon E. Hariu, P.P. Lady Joanne

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Living Past Potentates


Walter H. Cressman Lady Sandy


Lloyd H. Behmer


John B. Bozette, Jr. Lady Edna Marie


Earl W. Binder Lady Amy


Walter G. M. Schneider Lady Sandra


Norman L. Baringer Lady Nancy


Howard D. Haws Lady Elizabeth


Ronald F. Rapp Lady Joan


Donald R. Greenawalt Lady Diane


Franklin D. Caltagirone Lady Marilyn


LeRoy D. Cressy Lady Billie


Walter A. Wagner Lady Nancy


Lawrence L. Hafer Lady Elaine


Glenn D. Clark Lady Doris


James A. Male, Sr. Lady RuthMary


Ted D. Lichtenwalner Lady Meg
2001 Gregory J. Lewis Lady Joan
2003 William P. Ulrich  
2004 Mahlon E. Hariu Lady Joanne
2006 Jere C. Lesher Lady Susie
2007 Laszlo F. Toth Lady Maria
2008 Robert E. Shank Lady Tess
2009 William D. Coldren, Jr. Lady Sandy
2010 Clyde R. Geist Lady Angie
2011 Ronald R. Klee, Jr. Lady Kathy
2012 William A. Remo, Jr. Lady Gail
2013 Edwin L. Engle Lady Ferne
2014 Thomas V. Conlon, Sr. Lady Brenda

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